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Re: pkgsrc-2013Q4 Circular dependencies

Thanks Greg, I did figure it out. I had defined WRKDIR rather than

I did not think it would make a difference with the instance without
NFS, but after blowing away the old bootstrap and re-running bootstrap,
I have had no further issues. writes:

> Tim Hawes <> writes:
>> [root@centos5 python27]# cd ../../archivers/xz
>> [root@centos5 xz]# bmake show-depends-pkgpaths
>> devel/gettext-lib
>> devel/libtool-base
>> pkgtools/digest
>> [root@centos5 xz]#
> It seems like xz itself is ok.  So there may be a bug lurking where when
> xz is built because of python27.   You could set PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2 and
> save the output of building python27, and pore over that and the code to
> see if you can figure it out.
> (Or you can just build xz first and work on someting else.
> )

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