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(ham/trustedQSL) Re: graphics/wxsvg : distinfo changed

ham/trustedQSL is updated to 2.0rc6a. 
Upstream did not change the tar ball filename. 
I have reported upstream pkgsrc is naming it as 2.0rc6a.

With pkg_info, you may know the PKGREVISION is different, but
at execution, help tell you both are 2.0-rc6.

Help -> About window, you may know which version you are using.

-#define BUILD "[pkg-v2.0-rc6-26-g1673f63]"   ... 2.0rc6
+#define BUILD "[pkg-v2.0-rc6-38-g2df2a7c]"   ... 2.0rc6a

(I thought I should have patched the above line :-)

Just for your information,
Makoto Fujiwara

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