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pkg_rolling-replace and removed or renamed packages

Now another series of snags in pkg_rolling-replace results from packages being 
renamed or removed.

pkg_rolling-replace is stopped with error message about not being able to cd to 
defunct directory.

This also happened with xclock being moved from x11 to time.

I looked in pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES-2013 and noticed packages that were removed, 
added, moved, renamed or updated.

In the case of removed packages, I rerun pkg_rolling-replace with -x 
xsetpointer,xsetmode .

In the case of xclock, I could only go into time/xclock directory, make build, 
pkg_delete -f xclock
make install

and then resume pkg_rolling-replace.

Is there a better, more correct way?

In the FreeBSD ports tree, there is a file UPDATING in the main directory that 
warns about packages that are removed, moved or renamed, and what to do using 
portmaster or portupgrade.

Am I missing something in pkgsrc that is not so well documented?


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