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Re: Solaris 10 binary pkgsrc set?

* On 2013-10-02 at 06:46 BST, Malcolm Herbert wrote:

> The 'supported platforms' section of claims
> '9,800 pkgsrc-2013Q1 binary packages for Solaris / illumos / SmartOS'
> however the linked page[1] seems to only refer to binary packages for
> Illumos and SmartOS - are there equivalent Solaris 10 binary package
> repositories?

Not yet, but I'd be more than happy to run bulk builds if someone were
to provide me with some hardware.

> As an aside, Solaris binaries can be compiled against particular library
> ABI versions as part of Sun/Oracle's goal for supporting old binaries
> on new platforms. Are there any in common with those on Illumos/SmartOS
> that were present before these forked from Solaris? Would it make sense
> to compile for those library ABI versions?  That could help resolve this
> issue as (I'm guessing) binaries compiled for any platform would be
> compatable (more or less) ... given the OS-agnostic nature of most of
> the packages in pkgsrc, this should be good enough to get most things
> working without issues, as far as I can tell

I don't see that this would be workable.  Even if we could mask
specific library versions using mapfiles, this almost certainly won't
work across all packages, and there will be software which tries to
detect symbols using other methods.

This would also only resolve one particular area, there are others
where the two systems are incompatible.  The only reasonable course of
action is to provide native Solaris 10 binaries.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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