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Re: Solaris 10 binary pkgsrc set?

I usually quickly setup Solaris 10 machines now from

Obviously the packages are somewhat old, the newest being from March
2012. They put a single pop-up inviting you to go to the new site.

You can get the whole lot in one go from .


On 2 October 2013 06:46, Malcolm Herbert <> wrote:
> I've installed a new x86 Solaris 10 in a VM but was annoyed to discover
> that sunfreeware is now a paid service.
> Given my history with NetBSD I'd prefer to try getting pkgsrc running on
> this host, but I'm struggling to get that working as documented.
> The 'supported platforms' section of claims
> '9,800 pkgsrc-2013Q1 binary packages for Solaris / illumos / SmartOS'
> however the linked page[1] seems to only refer to binary packages for
> Illumos and SmartOS - are there equivalent Solaris 10 binary package
> repositories?
> I'd prefer to use pre-built binaries if possible rather than compile
> pkgsrc packages.
> I did have a shot at installing the Illumos bootstrap, however I suspect
> the binaries that are built for this assume a different library ABI
> which is tagged ILLUMOS_0.1:
> |# pkgin -y update
> | pkgin: fatal: version 'ILLUMOS_0.1' not found (required 
> by file /opt/pkg/bin/pkgin)
> | pkgin: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
> |Killed
> As an aside, Solaris binaries can be compiled against particular library
> ABI versions as part of Sun/Oracle's goal for supporting old binaries
> on new platforms. Are there any in common with those on Illumos/SmartOS
> that were present before these forked from Solaris? Would it make sense
> to compile for those library ABI versions?  That could help resolve this
> issue as (I'm guessing) binaries compiled for any platform would be
> compatable (more or less) ... given the OS-agnostic nature of most of
> the packages in pkgsrc, this should be good enough to get most things
> working without issues, as far as I can tell
> Regards,
> Malcolm
> [1]
> --
> Malcolm Herbert


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