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Re: scmgit installation fails

>     => Build dependency p5-Net>=1.09: NOT found
>     => Verifying package-install for ../../net/p5-Net
>     => Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20121220
>     ===> Install binary package of p5-Net-1.22nb4
>     pkg_add: no pkg found for
> '/usr/share/pkgsrc/packages/All/p5-Net-1.22nb4.tgz', sorry.
>     pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

I may be wrong, but if you already packaged at net/p5-Net before
of old version and you have work directory 
(and work/.package_done) still there, system thinks
it is already packaged (without looking at its version) and then
looked for /usr/{,share/}pkgsrc/packages/All/ directory. But if you only
have old version there, you will get the above situation.

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara

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