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Re: Modular Xorg in pkgsrc [was: The Curse Of NetBSD aka when a stable system bites you]


thanks for the reply. I'm positive that in the near future, I will
be able to get this box working satisfactory again. I wasn't really
looking for help. I didn't want to report a bug either (because
clearly this is a known problem). I didn't even wanna complain
(although it is unacceptable IMHO that such an important mobile
computing graphics card chip doesn't work with X under the current
release branch with the current release pkgsrc). I accepted I'm
not gonna get the things done I wanted to on the road, and there's
no one else to blame but me. Which is why I'm reminding people to
test their systems properly before relying on them. I've forgot,
I've been bitten, I'm sharing my despair; you may amuse yourself


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