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Re: update databases/pgbuildfarm to 4.11

Hi Nicolas!

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 11:38:34AM +0200, Nicolas Thauvin wrote:
> Please find attached a patch to update databases/pgbuildfarm to 4.11,
> here is the changelog from upstream:
> Changes since 4.10:
>   * Turn down module cleanup verbosity
>   * Add check for rogue postmasters.
>   * Add pseudo-branch targets HEAD_PLUS_LATEST and HEAD_PLUS_LATEST2.
>   * Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1.
>   * Make directory handling more robust in git code.
>   * Move web transaction into a module procedure.
>   * Switch to using the porcelain format of git status.
>   * Provide parameter for core file patterns.
>   * Use a command file for gdb instead of the -ex option
> The web transaction and Digest::SHA changes have allowed the removal of 
> a couple of long-standing uglinesses on the system. In almost all
> cases, the config parameter "aux_path" and the separate
> script are now redundant (the exception is older
> Msys systems).

Thanks, committed.

I've also changed the dependency from p5-Digest-SHA1 to p5-Digest-SHA,
per the changelog.


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