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Re: Flash support for Firefox?

> I'm currently running a native NetBSD-6/amd64 Firefox "Nightly" 22.0
> and would like to handle "flash".  It's not at all clear from the
> minimalist contents of the various pkgsrc/*/*/DESCR files how to do
> this.  So, a few questions:

> 1. Is there a source-only option?  Or do I have to install a pre-built
>    binary package?  (Binary-only will probably be a show-stopper for me,
>    but it never hurts to ask.)

> 2. What, if anything, do I need to do to Firefox to include flash?  Will
>    I have to rebuild Firefox?  Or is there just some "configuration"
>    option somewhere?  Is support for "plug-ins" automatically included?

> 3. Do I need to add Linux emulation?  (If so, is there a suitable "How
>    To" document or other tutorial?)

> 4. Are there any browsers other than Firefox that would make the whole
>    process less cumbersome?  (Like, for example, "flash is already
>    included in the default from-source installation of www/browser-X")

> 5. Are there any other questions I should/would be asking if I were more

> Thanks in advance.

> Paul Goyette     

As far as I know, Flash is Adobe proprietary and closed-source.

There are some open-source Flash players with less functionality:
gnash, swfdec, lightspark

Gnash is fine on YouTube but not a whole lot else.

A big snag is on page-turning sites such as and
though you may be able to download from (pdf?)

Anybody who knows something better is welcome to correct me!


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