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Flash support for Firefox?

I'm currently running a native NetBSD-6/amd64 Firefox "Nightly" 22.0 and would like to handle "flash". It's not at all clear from the minimalist contents of the various pkgsrc/*/*/DESCR files how to do this. So, a few questions:

1. Is there a source-only option?  Or do I have to install a pre-built
   binary package?  (Binary-only will probably be a show-stopper for me,
   but it never hurts to ask.)

2. What, if anything, do I need to do to Firefox to include flash?  Will
   I have to rebuild Firefox?  Or is there just some "configuration"
   option somewhere?  Is support for "plug-ins" automatically included?

3. Do I need to add Linux emulation?  (If so, is there a suitable "How
   To" document or other tutorial?)

4. Are there any browsers other than Firefox that would make the whole
   process less cumbersome?  (Like, for example, "flash is already
   included in the default from-source installation of www/browser-X")

5. Are there any other questions I should/would be asking if I were more

Thanks in advance.

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