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Re: building with ccache w/gcc4.8

Le 14/08/13 09:11, Jonathan Perkin a écrit :
> Assuming this is illumos, it's highly likely to be from either:
>    devel/binutils/
>    lang/gcc47-libs/
>    lang/gcc48-libs/
> where we use it to override various paths.
> It looks ok to me to change them to '-specs=<file>'.
> Regards,
Thanks Jonathan, my 'find' finished about the same time.
And that did indeed do the trick.

In the meanwhile I noticed in mk/transform-gcc that both
`-specs filename` and `-specs=filename` are passed through.

I'm curious as whether the former should now invoke `transform_fail`
instead of passing it in? Are there any real world cases where this is necessary?

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