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Re: building with ccache w/gcc4.8

Le 14/08/13 08:25, Richard PALO a écrit :
Le 13/08/13 20:31, Greg Troxel a écrit :

Richard PALO <> writes:


where WRKOBJDIR=/var/tmp/pkgsrc

I use ccache with pkgsrc all the time.  But I use
   CCACHE_DIR=        /home/gdt/.ccache

So I sugggest:

    set CCACHE_DIR to a directory that is permanent (no tmp flavor)

    make sure it's writable by the user doing the build.

And I think this is a clue:

[2013-08-13T18:20:27.911465 9563 ] Unsupported source extension:
[2013-08-13T18:20:27.911487 9563 ] Failed; falling back to running
the real compiler

I believe my CCACHE_DIR setting is appropriate in this case, as
/var/tmp/pkgsrc survives reboots but is reserved for pkgsrc.  I'll keep
$HOME/.ccache for non-pkgsrc builds.

Indeed, I believe there is something to do with the extension as
indicated in my original post.  I tried a couple of other packages all
to the same effect.  Does anybody have this working?

What I do notice from the ccache.c source code (and, for that matter the
"Using the GNU Compiler Collection") is that the syntax supported for
spec-files is '-spec=file' and not '-spec file'.

Can't seem to find in mk/* where to change the generation of this syntax...
Any clues?

I can now confirm that it should work with -specs=file as I just tried manually with success. Just need help to find where this syntax is generated.
Thanks in advance

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