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Re: Lost touchpad support after upgrading to modular-xorg in current pkgsrc

On Fri 21 Jun 2013 at 19:58:12 +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> How is it that without rebuilding packages I am able to use them with
> native X11? Or is it a matter of time before I'll have to recompile a lot
> of things?

The client and server parts of X should be completely separate. You can
have a native X server with modular clients. For many years, I used a
dedicated X server, a HP 700/RX, which is a i960-based machine which
netbooted from my main server and provided the display for it.

I think a problem though is that the package build system isn't quite
set up for that, and the upstream X sources are blurring the 2 sides as
well. I get the impression that there are a few libraries that are used
on both sides, which are not kept properly separated (which means one
has to keep both sides in sync).

Also, with "modern" programs that use Gnome or KDE, the font rendering
has become client-side, while it traditionally always has been
server-side. Even worse are those newfangled display things that are
being pushed by the Ubuntu people (Wayland, I believe it is called[1]),
which do away with network transpareny completely, and which therefore
lose very much of what makes X (or anything like it) so useful.

[1] The W already indicates it is a step back from X...

> Mayuresh
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