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Lost touchpad support after upgrading to modular-xorg in current pkgsrc

On NetBSD 6.1 i386, I was using modular-xorg so far. I did not intend to
touch x11 installation until some package build forced it.

Now after upgrading to current version my laptop touchpad which was
working so far has stopped working. Following seem to be the relevant
lines from the Xorg log.

Request help to get touchpad work again:

[   138.905] (II) LoadModule: "mouse"
[   138.905] (II) Loading /usr/pkg/lib/xorg/modules/input/
[   138.921] (II) Module mouse: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
[   140.312] (II) Using input driver 'mouse' for '<default pointer>'
[   140.312] (**) Option "CorePointer" "on"
[   140.312] (**) <default pointer>: always reports core events
[   140.320] (EE) <default pointer>: Protocol "WSMouse" is not supported on 
this platform
[   140.320] (WW) <default pointer>: No Device specified, looking for one...
[   140.375] (II) <default pointer>: found Device "/dev/wsmouse"
[   140.394] (--) <default pointer>: Device: "/dev/wsmouse"
[   140.394] (==) <default pointer>: Protocol: "WSMouse"
[   140.394] (EE) PreInit returned 2 for "<default pointer>"
[   140.394] (II) UnloadModule: "mouse"


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