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Re: urlview missing essential component [FIX]

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:49:42AM +0200, Dario Niedermann wrote:
> Package textproc/urlview won't install the '' script. This
> script is essential to urlview's operation, since it's the default
> command to open a URL (unless configured otherwise by the user). So,
> missing that, urlview - as installed - will just fail.
> The upstream source package doesn't install the script automatically
> either, so we can't rely on its 'make install' phase. A workaround is
> presented in the attached patches.

Thanks for the patch.

The script needs bash, so I've additionally replaced the bash
invocation in the script and added a dependency on bash, bumped the
version number, and committed the whole thing.

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