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Re: packages of projects using Google Code

On Sat, Jun 08, 2013 at 10:23:11AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> writes:
> > Will require FETCH_USING={curl,wget} for legacy systems that don't have TLS
> > support in ftp, as all download links are forced TLS.
> Do you mean putting FETCH_USING= in the pkg Makefile, because some
> systems won't have TLS in ftp(1), or do you mean users having to put
> FETCH_USING= in mk.conf?

In the package's Makefile, sorry.
> I am unclear on how we handle this now, but it seems like it would be
> nice if pkgsrc infrastructure had a way to use an appropriate fetch
> program for a particular kind of URL.   One of the tricky things is
> http: URLs that do https: redirect.  But it seems much cleaner to have
> FETCH_HTTPS=yes variable, imputed to be on for distfiles with manifest
> https, than to be picking particular programs.

I'm more in agreement with this:

> Or perhaps https is so normal that pkgsrc should just have fetch
> commands that support https, always, by depending on curl or wget, with
> them having exceptions.

extending mk/fetch/ to support fetch over TLS and if the system doesn't support
it, then pulling in curl or wget. Would just need a list of systems and
versions that do or don't have ftp clients in base that support TLS transfers.
It's been on my task list since we discussed the ftp client a couple months
ago - just haven't gotten to it yet.

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