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Re: packages of projects using Google Code writes:

> Will require FETCH_USING={curl,wget} for legacy systems that don't have TLS
> support in ftp, as all download links are forced TLS.

Do you mean putting FETCH_USING= in the pkg Makefile, because some
systems won't have TLS in ftp(1), or do you mean users having to put
FETCH_USING= in mk.conf?

By legacy, of course you mean all systems that don't do the new feature
under discussion, as legacy always does.  But netbsd-6 ftp(1) does not
have TLS support, and that is the latest supported release, so I
wouldn't call it legacy.  What systems do support it?

I am unclear on how we handle this now, but it seems like it would be
nice if pkgsrc infrastructure had a way to use an appropriate fetch
program for a particular kind of URL.   One of the tricky things is
http: URLs that do https: redirect.  But it seems much cleaner to have
FETCH_HTTPS=yes variable, imputed to be on for distfiles with manifest
https, than to be picking particular programs.

Or perhaps https is so normal that pkgsrc should just have fetch
commands that support https, always, by depending on curl or wget, with
them having exceptions.

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