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Re: Make g95 optional in math/fftw

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> The core of the issue is that you can't really mix different Fortran
> implementations.

Because they have different ABI/calling conventions, and procedure calls
among fortran code in .o files compiled by fortran77/fortran95 compilers
won't work right?   I think you're saying that it's not about them being
different compilers, but about different languages wtih different ABI
rules.  So a given system must either have only f77-compiled code,
and just not be able to use fortran95 code, or it must have used a
fortran95 compiler for everything?

I wonder if the NetBSD base system should enable the fortran part of
gcc.  It's almost like fortran is making a resurgence and being more
normal.  But that's totally separate from what pkgsrc should do.

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