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Re: Modular X broken

from Jukka Ruohonen:

> > Worst case, there's always the X server in base which is supposed to
> > work too, or the vesa driver.
> True enough; I since reverted to the base-X too. The fundamental problem
> however remains.

and Jimmy Johansson:

> The fundamental problem seems to be that you are running the wrong
> branch of pkgsrc? It is like complaning when NetBSD-current breaks...

> If you want stability then run a stable branch of pkgsrc.

> Problem solved.

Current branch of pkgsrc is just as stable as quarterly.  Stability issue is 
packages.  Other package managers/frameworks such as FreeBSD ports, portage 
(Gentoo Linux) and Arch Linux (pacman and the Arch Build System) are all kept
current.  But the newer modular-xorg is highly experimental on NetBSD pkgsrc 
and FreeBSD ports; I believe is better on Linux.

I wanted to upgrade xorg-modular installation on USB sticks (NetBSD) with 
pkgsrc tree and work directories on hard drive (FreeBSD UFS2/ffsv2 partition), 
but now I see maybe I shouldn't rush into it. 


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