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Re: pkgsrc - csup usage

> I've been using the csup method with pkgsrc. I recently setup a new NetBSD
> system and went to look at the configuration guide. It looks like the
> mentions of csup have been removed.


> You can see the original here:


> Has csup support been removed? I found it really easy to get pkgsrc up and
> running using this method.

> Thanks,
> iPhrankie

from my previous message:

I never heard of using csup with NetBSD but found csup in pkgsrc/net category, 
not part of base system.

I used csup with FreeBSD to update the system source, but that was deprecated 
in favor of svn following a security breach.

According to the NetBSD Guide, cvs is used to update pkgsrc: cvs up -dP

More info in the NetBSD Guide and pkgsrc guide.

Update: I just found on

Document ref: $NetBSD: README.sup,v 1.25 2011/07/01 08:25:46 spz Exp $

                           SUP is deprecated
please use anoncvs or rsync from and its mirrors,
             or get the source tar ball from ftp instead.


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