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Re: mozilla-rootcerts

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> Hi!
> One of the first tasks I tend to do on a new NetBSD installation is to
> install the mozilla-rootcerts package to get SSL connections without
> certificate warnings. When you install the package, it displays a
> whole lot of commands to execute in order to actually use them.
> Could we have the postinstall script simply executing these commands,
> please? It is tedious to do this manually each time.

I see your point.  I wonder though whether having the certs available on
the system should be separated from having the openssl configuration
changed.  Generally pkgsrc avoids writing into the base system.

Alternatively, we would make ${PREFIX}/etc/openssl and put them there,
and have openssl look in /usr/pkg as well as / for etc/openssl, but that
feels like extra work for no gain.

So would a "mozilla-rootcerts-system" package (that depends on
mozilla-rootcerts) and actually modified /etc/openssl be ok for you?

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