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Re: problem with freeciv-client options

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 08:08:08PM +0200, Terho Uotila wrote:
 > freeciv-client (2012Q4) has some options available, but only gtk2 seems
 > to work. Attempting to build package or install with sdl or xaw
 > end both with same failure (see below).
 > I guess tweaking PLIST might fix it, 

Yes, the PLIST clearly needs to have some pieces be made conditional
based on the package options.

If you want to try fixing it yourself, there are lots of examples of
how, e.g. devel/pango. Set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes to test (that enables
crosschecks on PLIST), and send any patches in a PR. If you don't want
to bother, and nobody else fixes it in the next day or two, just file
a PR directly. (Otherwise the issue's likely to get lost/forgotten.)

 > though I have no clue where modpack disappears.

That's upstream's problem :-)

David A. Holland

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