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Re: pkgsrc/mail/sendmail anomalies

Richard PALO <> writes:

>> USE_DESTDIR is not meant to be set in package.
> Well, it don't install unless super-user without this.  How to do this then?

USE_DESTDIR is to be set in mk.conf, to specify if the human running the
machine wants to use DESTDIR mode.  Currently, it's standard to use
DESTDIR mode and beginning to be somewhat unusual not to.

For an individual package, a different variable is used.  From

  * PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT has to be set to "none", "destdir", or "user-destdir".
    By default PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT is set to "user-destdir" to help catching
    more potential packaging problems. If is included in the
    Makefile, PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT needs to be set before the inclusion.

So the package, if it really needs root to build/install, should set

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