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Re: thunderbird problems with _res


From: Dave Tyson <>, Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 
23:11:53 +0000

> Just build thunderbird (latest CVS update) on a recent  NetBSD 6.0_STABLE. 
> The 
> build is fine, but running it on a clean system  results in it failing in the 
> mailer configuration dialogue. 
> It looks like this a another case of  _res being called from a threaded 
> program. Patch-AA has the fix for in the mozilla subdirectory, 
> but patch-AA-toplevel doesn't and that exposes the problem. Updating 
> patch-AA-toplevel to add the extra magic fixes the problem.
> updated patch attached
> distinfo needs adjusting to change the checksum for the patch to:
> SHA1 (patch-aa-toplevel) = e3152b1a6ba6c9a3b59160649109711f54bb5966
> With it rebult after the modified patch it seems OK with light testing.

Thanks for your patch.
I have committed the patch.

Please try thunderbird-17.0nb1.

Thank you.

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