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Re: fltk DESCR inadequate

On 05.11.12 01:01, Greg Troxel wrote:

The DESCR for fltk and fltk13 are the same, which gives no hints as to
which is mainstream, which bleeding edge, and which deprecated.  The
fltk2 DESCR hints at 'active development' but does not explain that this
is a pre-release snapshot, although it appears to be.

fltk is ancient, fltk13 is the stable and fltk2 is active development branch.

I recently run into issues while bootstrapping my work environment with
MacOS X 10.8 with x11/fltk and fixed the math/pari to require fltk13
instead of fltk which works fine with minor fixes to fltk13 (one which
could be sent upstream, one which prevents it to create .app bundles -
which is not wanted for pkgsrc).

When fossil is running on my NetBSD box I can start merging my changes
into CVS after tested them working fine on NetBSD ;)

Could someone who feels that they know fltk edit the DESCR?  If no one
does, I'll write something, which fltk experts may think is off.

I can combine that, I think. Not instant, but as soon as I get the "Go"
from joerg@ (I hope around weekend).

Jens Rehsack
pkgsrc, Perl5

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