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devel/eclipse: JRE compatibility question; upgrade needed

I am trying to install devel/eclipse on NetBSD where I have following

1. Is JRE restricted to one of these as Make file suggests? Would it be
possible to run this with openjdk?

 19 PKG_JVMS_ACCEPTED= sun-jdk6 sun-jdk15 sun-jdk14

I'll probably try adding openjdk in the list. But if there are any known
compatibility issues for restricting above list in the first place, please
do share.

2. jdk-6u35 required by lang/sun-jdk6 seems to be no more available for
download from
as it has changed to revision 37.

If openjdk doesn't work, I'll try upgrading sun-jdk6 to revision 37 and
try to submit a patch.

3. Eclipse version itself is a bit old in pkgsrc. Would it help to upgrade
it. (I can try that and submit patch if it works, though I am first trying
to get existing version work.)

Any heads up on any of the above points will help a lot.


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