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Re: Looking for imap server that does not mark new mails as old

On Mon 12 Nov 2012 at 07:05:45 -0500, wrote:
> > Does not `set mark_old=no` in .muttrc do what you want?
> Yes, although it does change the messages that it has already marked as old
> unread back to new unread.

I have that setting for years, and as long as I don't access my
/var/mail/rhialto file through imap, it does what I want.

The referenced article upthread
( )
isn't about mbox files but about maildir, and therefore what I see is
slightly different.

What I see in my mailbox is that new unread mails mails at first don't
have a "Status:" header, but after imap closes the mailbox, they have 
"Status: O".

The former state is shown in Mutt as "N", the latter as "O".
(New unread, Old unread) I suppose N corresponds to the yellow stars in

Although I can agree that the maildir situation would be a bug in Mutt,
(the "new" directory is there mainly for delivery-administrative
reasons, such as reducing contention) this case surely isn't. Changing
status of a mail should be done on command of the client, not by itself
by the server.

In the mean time, I am trying dovecot. It is doing exactly the same
thing with the Status headers.

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