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Re: 2012Q3: gnuplot usable on netbsd-5?

> Is gnuplot from the 2012Q3 branch actually usable to anyone on NetBSD 5.x?
> Command history doesn't work at all.  Not just history edition but
> recording the history and using it with the "history" command doesn't work
> either.

I beleive I fixed this bug in two steps: first with a patch which
I requested a pull-up for (and which I think was applied), and
subsequently with an update of the gnuplot package (which I've
not requested a pull-up for).

> The plot window also behaves erratically wrt. mouse movement.  After
> moving the mouse for a while the window stops displaying the changing
> coordinates in the lower left of the window.  Exiting and re-entering the
> window with the mouse pointer makes it work again for a while.  When
> selecting a zoom area with mouse-right the effect starts much more
> quicker. 
> I haven't tried out more because these two bugs are to annoying to spend
> more time in gnuplot.

Can you try to just update the gnuplot package to the head of
pkgsrc and tell me if it works any better?

Best regards,

- Håvard

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