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Re: Why is PKGREVISION=1 set for the latest update to cairo 1.12.6?

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 08:43:35PM -0700, David Shao wrote:
>> The big problem is that these bumps in pkg versions are making it
>> impossible for adequate testing.  It takes a fairly long time to
>> rebuild xulrunner even with a fairly fast machine, and I have not
>> found ccache to be of any help.
> You don't have to rebuild everything, nothing forces you to. I didn't
> bump the ABI nor ABI depends line in cairo/
> If you just want to test if this version fixes a problem you're
> seeing, you can build a binary package for it and replace the
> installed version with that one.

Specifically, you can 'make replace' on that one package.  If the ABI
didn't change (as in this case), everything should work.

Try using ccache with a big cache.  That will speed up repeated compiles.

The other change is harder; if pkgsrc explicitly encoded an ABI version
in a package, we could have a unsafe_depends variant that was only set
on ABI changes of depending versions, and a clean mode for pkg_rr that
follows that.  I think some would consider that dangerous and some

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