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Why is PKGREVISION=1 set for the latest update to cairo 1.12.6?

What am I missing?  The patch below does not change the definition of
any types, structs, functions, etc.  Is there any static-linking of
cairo into dependent packages such as xulrunner?

The big problem is that these bumps in pkg versions are making it
impossible for adequate testing.  It takes a fairly long time to
rebuild xulrunner even with a fairly fast machine, and I have not
found ccache to be of any help.  That overly pessimistic forced
rebuilds using pkg_rolling-replace or other means damaging testing can
be seen by an example that no one seemed to notice that installing
alacarte apparently breaks the Gnome desktop on NetBSD amd64 by making
the Applications menu unresponsive.

--- /dev/null
+++ b/graphics/cairo/patches/patch-src_cairo-xlib-surface-shm.c
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+Recognize Xorg servers as well as servers. From Chris Wilson (upstream);
+fixes some more firefox issues.
+--- src/cairo-xlib-surface-shm.c.orig  2012-10-21 08:13:41.000000000 +0000
++++ src/cairo-xlib-surface-shm.c
+@@ -1141,7 +1141,8 @@ xorg_has_buggy_send_shm_completion_event
+      *
+      * Remove the SendEvent bit (0x80) before doing range checks on
event type.
+      */
+-    return (strstr (ServerVendor (dpy), "X.Org") != NULL &&
++    return ((strstr (ServerVendor (dpy), "X.Org") != NULL ||
++              strstr (ServerVendor (dpy), "Xorg") != NULL ) &&
+           VendorRelease (dpy) < XORG_VERSION_ENCODE(1,11,0,1));
+ }

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