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Re: Why is PKGREVISION=1 set for the latest update to cairo 1.12.6?

David Shao <> writes:

> What am I missing?  The patch below does not change the definition of
> any types, structs, functions, etc.  Is there any static-linking of
> cairo into dependent packages such as xulrunner?
> The big problem is that these bumps in pkg versions are making it
> impossible for adequate testing.

You don't need to, unless ABI_DEPENDS increases.

> It takes a fairly long time to
> rebuild xulrunner even with a fairly fast machine, and I have not
> found ccache to be of any help.  That overly pessimistic forced
> rebuilds using pkg_rolling-replace or other means damaging testing can
> be seen by an example that no one seemed to notice that installing
> alacarte apparently breaks the Gnome desktop on NetBSD amd64 by making
> the Applications menu unresponsive.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Perhaps, pkg_rr logic may be improved,
but it requires diving deeper inside.


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