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Re: Nondeterministic build of glib 2.34.0 on one DragonFly x86_64 3.3-DEVELOPMENT machine

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:58 AM, Benny Siegert <> 

> I had a similar problem on a MirBSD machine a while ago. The clock was
> set wrongly, so the system date was actually _before_ the date of the
> glib tarball. This triggered all kinds of strange rebuilds during
> configure runs.

Thank you for sharing a similar experience.  I am setting the
DragonFly machines to use local time not UTC because the machines dual
boot with another OS that needs local time.  This is done by
# touch /etc/wall_cmos_clock

I am also using the DragonFly ntp by enabling in /etc/rc.conf


The configuration file for dntpd is /etc/dntpd.conf which has the
default entries


The timezone using tzsetup is set to United States Pacific time, PDT.
Looking at the result from date the time appears to be accurate within
a few seconds of the time on a different machine with a different OS,
Mac OS X Lion.

# touch /tmp/fromnow
# find / -newer /tmp/fromnow
shows no unusual files with modification times far into the future.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated as this problem does
appear to be caused by my setting time incorrectly on my DragonFly

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