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Re: Nondeterministic build of glib 2.34.0 on one DragonFly x86_64 3.3-DEVELOPMENT machine

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 9:27 PM, David Shao <> wrote:
> The following problem is almost certainly user error, that is, my
> error, of some kind, but I am submitting it in hopes of some insight.
> Building glib 2.34.0 on one DragonFly x86_86 3.3-DEVELOPMENT machine
> is nondeterministic.  Almost all attempts to build glib 2.34.0 end
> with error messages of the form:

I had a similar problem on a MirBSD machine a while ago. The clock was
set wrongly, so the system date was actually _before_ the date of the
glib tarball. This triggered all kinds of strange rebuilds during
configure runs.


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