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conflicting versions of Xft


I am trying to update to the latest sources from CVS (synced a few minutes ago), and get

===> Building binary package for Xft2-2.1.7nb4
=> Creating binary package /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/Xft2-2.1.7nb4.tgz
===> Install binary package of Xft2-2.1.7nb4
pkg_add: Package `Xft2-2.1.7nb4' conflicts with `libXft-[0-9]*', and `libXft-2.3.1' is installed. pkg_add: Installed package `libXft-2.3.1' conflicts with `Xft2-[0-9]*' when trying to install `Xft2-2.1.7nb4'.
pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

when trying to build pango (via gtk2). libXft-2.3.1 is a dependency for cairo-1.12.4. Are there still some issues with the reverted changes to cairo?

Actually, what is the rationale for fonts/Xft2 when x11/libXft is also still at version 2?

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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