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more packages up for removal

As you may have seen if you read tech-pkg (or follow pkgsrc-changes)
devel/stlport is going away; it has been unbuildable for years, is
nearly dead upstream, and to the extent upstream isn't dead, upstream
seems to have also abandoned the concept of releases. For a target
that moves as fast as the C++ "standard", that really won't do.

Also, misc/p5-Locale-Maketext is going to be removed. It has had:

   PKG_FAIL_REASON=        "In Perl5 Core since 5.10.1"

in its package makefile for more than a year and there seems no reason
to keep it around.

Third: we're finally going to delete the old Ada compilers: gcc3-ada
and gcc34-ada. This has been discussed on and off for months and it's
time we finally did it. This means there will be no Ada compiler for
netbsd-4; however, if netbsd-6 isn't unduly delayed netbsd-4 will be
EOL by the time 2012Q4 appears... and even if not, I rather doubt
anyone's using Ada on netbsd-4 anyway.

Finally, I would like to kill off lang/pnet*. AIUI, this was the FSF's
not-invented-here response to mono, and never went anywhere nor did
anything useful. I'm not sure if it's currently buildable or not, but
I don't think it matters one way or the other.

Any objections to any of these, please speak up.

Also, does anyone know what the deal with devel/RTx-Shredder is? It
was marked BROKEN ages ago because it conflicts with the base RT
package. There appears to be a newer version posted, but that version
is from 2007. Does anyone use this or care about it, or should it be
removed too?

(Finally, AIUI, samba30 will be removed for 2012Q4 in favor of the
several newer versions already in pkgsrc. But that's not my

David A. Holland

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