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Re: [LINUX] Xfixes 2.0.1 broken!

For all Linux and non-BSD systems, IMO, should set this:
X11_TYPE=    modular
in their mk.conf.

Yes it builds all the X11 sources, does not use the native X11 libs, but given the risk that an outside dependency can break your pkgsrc binaries, I think it is best. For "Linux from scratch" you just need to make sure X11BASE is set properly in your mk.conf. I've tried setting the X11BASE for Ubuntu, and only half the packages in pkgsrc compile without an issue. Things break when you update the system, so I have found it a lot less of a headache to just recompile the X11 libs in pkgsrc.

Just for the record, be sure to read the comments in pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf
It can save you time and headaches.

On Sat, 2012-09-22 at 04:48 -0400, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 04:48:18PM +0200, Dario Niedermann wrote:
> > Is pkgsrc able to tell what's already installed on a Linux system or is
> > it not??

> No, and it doesn't intend to.
>  Thomas

How does pkgsrc on Linux know if a dependency is already installed as part of 
Linux distribution, and not build dependencies in redundantly?

Linux does not have a BSD-style base system, everything is part of a package.

Since packages in pkgsrc can't build on thin air, how does one get started
with pkgsrc on Linux?  I think Jeremy Reed wrote about having a Linux system
using pkgsrc as the only package manager.  Build basic tools using the
principles of Linux from Scratch or Cross Linux from Scratch?


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