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Re: [LINUX] Xfixes 2.0.1 broken!

On Sat, 22 Sep 2012 17:48:49 +0900, Thomas Mueller 
<> wrote:

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 04:48:18PM +0200, Dario Niedermann wrote:
> Is pkgsrc able to tell what's already installed on a Linux system or is
> it not??

No, and it doesn't intend to.

How does pkgsrc on Linux know if a dependency is already installed as part of
Linux distribution, and not build dependencies in redundantly?

Linux does not have a BSD-style base system, everything is part of a package.

Since packages in pkgsrc can't build on thin air, how does one get started
with pkgsrc on Linux?  I think Jeremy Reed wrote about having a Linux system
using pkgsrc as the only package manager.  Build basic tools using the
principles of Linux from Scratch or Cross Linux from Scratch?

Put X11_TYPE=native on your mk.conf, and pkgsrc will try to use native
X11 packages, but you must not mix packages built with X11_TYPE=native
and X11_TYPE=modular (default setting for Linux).

CAUTION from your suggestion (everything is part of a package)
 * update/delete/add of X11 packages from your Linux distribution may break
   packages installed from pkgsrc
 * mixed use of x11 base libraries from your Linux distribution and pkgsrc
   may not work well

So X11_TYPE=modular (use X11 from pkgsrc) is the default setting for Linux.
OBATA Akio /

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