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Re: Cairo text problems

Martin Husemann wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 08:56:53PM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
>> > Since we can't easily update base Xorg in NetBSD, would it make sense
>> > to roll Cairo back to 1.10.2 ?
>> I suspect we might benefit from a cairo110 package....
>Before we use big hammers and hide the problem, can we find out which 
>drivers are affected, which options work around it etc?

I am using xf86-video-ati, on a r600 chipset.

On a mailing list thread from just after this version of Cairo was
released people were also reporting problems with Nouveau (which we
don't use) and the Intel drivers.

Things seem a little better for me with the EXAPixmaps option disabled.

There is a later version of the driver available, I will try building
it too, there seems to have been a workaround added for this problem
soon after the driver version we have in CVS was created.

>We might be even able to fix the bugs, if we find out how to reproduce
>them. (This all should not stop us from creating a separate legacy cairo
>pkg, of course - but we should file xsrc PRs agains base X first)

I was partly wondering what we needed to do for NetBSD-6.

Robert Swindells

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