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Re: new -

On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 08:45:23PM +0200, Luca Sironi wrote:
> Great job.
> I would like to suggest for the os x section the use of a separate
> .sparseimage with a case sensitive file system
> like suggested in this article
> i put in cc the contact stated on that website.
> I found it a very good approach on using pkgsrc on os x systems.

Interesting, I hadn't seen that before - thanks!

BTW, pkgsrc on Mac OS X does not need a case-sensitive file system as
stated in that page.  There are some packages which occasionally don't
follow the POLA, but, in general, we renamed packages so that their
names wouldn't clash with anything else.

I've been using pkgsrc on straight HFS+ for quite some time now.


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