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Re: Duplicity and boto

On 4 Sep 2012, at 13:39, Steve Sartorius <> 

> As part of my ongoing saga to backup my NetBSD box to Amazon's S3 cloud I 
> took a look at duplicity ( and boto 
> ( in pkgsrc.  Unfortunately, the versions in 
> pkgsrc (duplicity-0.6.16 and py-boto-1.9) don't allow for a connection to S3. 
>  I manually upgraded to the newest versions of each (duplicity-0.6.19 and 
> boto-2.5.2) and was able to successfully backup a folder to S3 -- I still 
> need to do more testing to make sure everything is working correctly, though. 
>  Would it be possible to upgrade the versions of these programs in pkgsrc to 
> the newest available?  I'd rather manage my box using pkgsrc than just adding 
> stuff ad-hoc...



- Mark

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