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Re: Accessing Amazon S3 from NetBSD

On Sun, 02 Sep 2012, at 19:50:43 -0400, Steven Sartorius wrote:
>Didn't see either s3ql ( or s3fs 
>( in pkgsrc or wip.  Has 
>anybody had any luck installing these?  I tried building s3fs but it just 
>segfaults when I try to mount my S3 bucket.  The s3cmd tool suite builds and 
>runs but I'm wondering if there's a FUSE option available.

I had an ancient version of s3fs (r19) building and running more or
less effectively through pkgsrc a few years ago, as part of some work
I'd done for a client.  I never submitted it, as it never ended up in
a state I felt was polished enough, but it did work.  I've no idea
what challenges might lurk in the much newer code that's out there


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