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Re: FrOSCon machine preparation

On 27.07.2012 14:29, Tim Larson wrote:
>> I favor getting E17 - but it looks Joerg is busy and I should look out
>> for a 2nd option. Any suggestions (I don't want Gnome2 or so, but rather
>> a nice small one). Probably a nice ZUA
>> ( - is there any
>> supporting NetBSD nicely?) like Eagle Mode
>> ( ...
> I've been wanting to update x11/ede to 2.0 (finally released about 2 months 
> ago) because it fits the bill of "lightweight DE" nicely.  There's wip/edelib 
> already, and x11/fltk13 was added last year.  Just need to find the time to 
> finish up.  Shouldn't take much, if you wanted to contribute a few spare 
> cycles.

I'd favour pkgsrc packages over wip packages, because I want to
show that I setup the box from fossil (so Joerg will).

But don't panic - I bring the machine tomorrow to the technical
service to upgrade RAM and exchange the graphic card (nv) into an
ATI Northern Islands card.


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