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FrOSCon machine preparation


I planned to setup a machine for the FrOSCon with NetBSD-6 and Xen
showing some Dom-U instances running NetBSD, Linux and probably some
kind of Solaris (when get it running) running some Databases (Oracle,
DB2 Express) and probably some Web-Application and/or file services ...

When someone has a good idea what kind of web-application could be
shown, please let me know.

An other point is the Desktop. Even if we don't want to promote NetBSD
as a desktop OS, to avoid carrying half a computer center I'd like to
have a cute Desktop on the machine (I presume, I cannot put the Desktop
into another Dom-U to keep the Dom-0 as small as possible).

I favor getting E17 - but it looks Joerg is busy and I should look out
for a 2nd option. Any suggestions (I don't want Gnome2 or so, but rather
a nice small one). Probably a nice ZUA
( - is there any
NetBSD nicely?) like Eagle Mode ( ...

Thanks in advance for any hints,

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