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more xorg updates


I've updated a few more X packages in the last days:
        Updated x11/glproto to 1.4.16 [wiz 2012-07-12]
        Updated x11/dri2proto to 2.8 [wiz 2012-07-12]
        Updated x11/randrproto to 1.4.0 [wiz 2012-07-12]
        Added x11/xcb-util036 version 0.3.6 [wiz 2012-07-13]
        Updated x11/xcb-util to 0.3.9 [wiz 2012-07-13]
        Updated x11/libXi to 1.6.1 [wiz 2012-07-13]
        Updated x11/xkeyboard-config to 2.6 [wiz 2012-07-14]
        Updated x11/pixman to 0.26.2 [wiz 2012-07-14]
        Updated sysutils/libpciaccess to 0.13.1 [wiz 2012-07-14]

For pixman I've removed the pkgsrc-local support for hiding symbols
that shouldn't be exported, because it always lead to problems since
the symbol list wasn't kept up-to-date, and a Solaris hack for which I
couldn't understand how it might still be effective. I don't think
this broke something.

For libxcb, the latest version merged some libraries and removed some
functions, so I've added the previous version as a separate,
non-conflicting package (in a different PREFIX) until all users are
converted (if ever). I've built all direct dependencies of this new
package and they still packaged fine, so I don't expect trouble.

For libpciaccess, I've updated netbsd_pci.c using the current xsrc
version. This might have broken something on older NetBSD's. Please
check if you use NetBSD 4 or 5 and modular xorg, and file a bug report
with details if something did break.

AFAIK, the only non-up-to-date Xorg packages in pkgsrc are now Mesa*,
modular-xorg-server, and various drivers (xf86-input-*, xf86-video-*).

Next up is Mesa. I've been told that the 8.x series removes support
which we still need, so 7.11.2 is probably the latest version to which
we can currently update. wip contains packages for 7.8.2, but for some
reason I don't know they were split differently than the Mesa packages
in pkgsrc are. ftigeot also started an update, but I don't know how
far he got. If someone wants to finish this part of the work, I'd
appreciate it.

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