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Re: Texlive 2012 DVD won't support NetBSD

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 12:48:33PM +0200, wrote:
> For the ones who need METAFONT, TeX, MetaPost, dvips(1), bibtex, eTeX,
> the AMS fonts, and the PostScript Adobe core, I have made kerTeX, the
> TeX kernel system, with the packaging system (allowing to build and
> install LaTeX and a bunch of dependencies).
> And the main reason was that I was on the edge of being unable to use
> TeX because it is lost in the TeXLive haystack.

That is definitely incredible work!

But you know there is a bunch of users (me included) who have got used to
the haystack and grown ignorant about even figuring out what constitutes
the haystack and what they really need from it.

A full distro made it possible for them to remain so ... Not anymore on
NetBSD perhaps. I'll need to ask myself what from TeXLive distro I use
anyway and look for a match in pkg.

(Or is that not so hard?)


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