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databases/sqlsharpgtk removal notice

I'm going to remove databases/sqlsharpgtk (in a couple months
probably) unless someone steps up to fix it. It hasn't been buildable
in ages, and as far as I can tell after digging around it's dead

 > Modified Files:
 >      pkgsrc/databases/sqlsharpgtk: Makefile
 > Log Message:
 > Mark this BROKEN. It has been unbuildable for years and appears to be
 > dead upstream. It will be removed in due course (not immediately) unless
 > someone steps up to fix it.

net/dcsharp is in a similar situation, though it's not clear if it's
dead upstream or not; so far I'm not going to put it on the chopping
block, but that may happen later if nobody fixes it.

David A. Holland

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