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Re: DB drivers for www/php-owncloud

"OBATA Akio" <> writes:

These are all really good questions.

> Curious change, because db driver should be handled in

Ideally, but I think it's better to include multiple drivers if the cost
in size/deps to the binary package is small.

> I feel that owncloud-4 require either PDO or MDB2 drivers.
> How about change dependency in to pdo drivers instead?

I don't understand 'mdb2'.

> One question point is
>   databases/php-sqlite is for SQLite2 (PDO support is disabled),
>   databases/php-pdo_sqlite is for SQLite3.

> Doesn't it mean that upgrade from 3 to 4 require database migration?

In theory, but it worked without me doing anything like that.

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