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Re: libcroco and xz

For example, libcroco package:

1. In, "NEED"
2. is provided by archivers/xz
3. archivers/xz is marked as build dependency for libcroco package
   because xzcat from xz is required to extract distfiles.
4. check-slib craims that libcroco package REQUIRES,
   but it is a part of a build dependency package(xz).

5. "build depend on xz" does not mean "xz package must not exist
   runtime of libcroco package", just it is required to build.

6. Actually, dependency chain is libcroco => libxml2 => xz,
   so runtime error will never be risen.

7. If xz is not in the dependency chain, 4. is the right alarm, but not.
   It means that "it is false alarm!".

8. Your theory is that libcroco require,
   then libcroco must has full dependency on archivers/xz package.

9. Similarly, libcroco also require,
   then libcroco must has full dependency on devel/pcre package.

OBATA Akio /

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