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Re: devel/elib won't install with GNU Emacs

emacs-24.1 release out, but emacs24 in pkgsrc is still based on
development snapshot release (editors/emacs-snapshot),
then current default emacs is still emacs23 in pkgsrc.

There are some incompatibility between each emacs variants
(bytecode format, builtin module version, and so on),
so it is risky using emacs module packages with different from
emacs base packages used to build binary package,
then emacs related packages only accept emacs base package
used to build, i.e, default emacs version.

If you want to use emacs24, you must rebuild emacs related packages
by yourself (with EMACS_TYPE=emacs24).
(due to limitation of current pkgsrc infrastructure, and resolvable)

OBATA Akio /

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