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Re: PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS=YES be default?

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> What is more user friendly -- needed rc.d scripts not installed or 
> unneeded rc.d scripts installed but disabled?
> (I guess other options are installed and enabled -- or installed and not 
> enabled.)
> Is there any pkgsrc user who really doesn't want the scripts put into 
> place?
> I am suggesting we set PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS is YES by default.

No! Please, don't!

We don't have necessary support in place, first of all.

First, it should install into separate subdirectory different from /etc/rc.d,
Default RCD_SCRIPTS_DIR should be changed before anything else so that
packages don't overwrite system startup scripts.

Second, pkgsrc tools should deal with directory installation somehow.
Also, they should support selection of whether user wants startup
scripts installed. I don't see anything related neither in pkg_add(1)
nor in pkg_install.conf(5).

Third, it would be better to announce this behaviour change ahead,
so that it receives some testing and doesn't bring surprises like
overwriting of custom startup scripts.

Don't forget to adjust documentation.


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